Steel Fence Panels in Cumbria

Looking for Steel Fence Panels in Cumbria? We pride ourselves on buying and using British steel material in our efficient manufacturing process to ensure that you receive products which are manufactured to the highest possible standards. This extends to our steel fence panels in Cumbria, which help provide adequate protection, whilst blending into the surrounding environment in which they are placed.

Constructed from lightweight and durable steel, the steel fence panels in Cumbria provide outstanding protection in a durable and compact design. Do you think that steel fence panels require lots of maintenance to maintain their strength and visual appeal? Think again. All our steel fence panels are manufactured to last for a considerable amount of time and continue to deliver outstanding protection throughout the life of the product.

To provide a low maintenance solution, we apply a tough powder to our galvanised-based fence panels so that the steel fence panels in Cumbria can be used around your site. For added protection, we apply a plastisol coating to the gravel boards and facia covers (for end, corner & main posts). If you want to keep them in optimal condition and continue to receive consistently effective protection with minimal strain, then we recommend some light maintenance. All you need to do is simply hose down the steel fence panels to prevent rust and to retain aesthetic appeal.

Installation (5-foot panel & gravel board)

Wondering how to install the steel fence panels in Cumbria? Here's a quick guide…

  • 1. At 6 feet intervals, the galvanised steel posts are concreted into the ground (making sure 6 foot is out of the ground) to provide a firm foundation.
  • 2. Once the concrete is set, facia covers are inserted over the posts to ground level to protect them whilst fitting the gravel boards and steel fence panels.
  • 3. Then, the plastic-coated gravel boards are inserted into the posts.
  • 4. Once complete, the mighty fence panels are slotted into the appropriate posts, until they are lying flat, onto the gravel board.
  • 5. Finally, insert the top cap into facia covers, repeat as necessary.

Using Existing Concrete Posts Do you already have existing concrete posts? No problem. We can supply our steel fence panels in Cumbria separately, so that you can easily replace your existing fence panels with our tough and resilient solution. Before fitting the steel fence panels, all you need to do is to simply remove any dated and worn wooden panels, so that they can be replaced with steel fence panels. To provide a tighter fit, packing may be needed as the slots that are inserted into your concrete posts may vary.


  • 6' width as standard
  • Wide range of heights available (starting from 3' up to 6')
  • Other sizes are available upon request to suit your needs.

The following RAL colours are available as standard:

  • 8019: Dark Brown
  • 8004: Light Brown
  • 6019: Light Green

Want something more colourful or something that is more appropriate to your requirements than our standard range of RAL colours? Well, we can provide our steel fence panels in Cumbria in a range of several other RAL colours (see colour chart for further details) to suit your needs.

Please Note: Additional set up paint charge is required on non-standard colours

Key Features

  • Long-lasting 15 Year Guarantee
  • Safety edges all round
  • No visible fixings
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Effective crime deterrent
  • Extensive choice of colours

For more information, feel free to contact our friendly technical/sales team today via email on or call us on 01922 649795.