Mini Z Purlins


Mini Zeds 3m x 35mm x 50mm x 35mm

Mini Z Purlins / Mini Zeds

3m x 35mm x 50mm x 35mm

Mini zeds are an alternative to the MSP Grid system, they are used when a twin skin application is required. The Mini-Zed is fixed through the lining sheet into the existing purlins then apply the top sheet, insulating as you go along. The depth can be fabricated from 50mm upto 200mm these are made out of 1.2mm - 1.6mm galvanised steel.

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Get in touch with us for your mini zeds. Mighty Structural offers a full range of roofing sheets, purlins and accessories at competitive prices.

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Get in touch with us today. We have been manufacturing roofing materials for over 25 years with over 1000 tons of stock we pride ourselves on quality, price & quick turn round. At Mighty structural we aim to keep up with our customers’ demands, and manufacturing the MSP175 z-purlins helps us to provide a complete roofing system at competitive prices. Call us today.


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