Corrugated Roofing Sheets in Worcestershire

Corrugated roofing sheets in Worcestershire are designed to be used in a range of environments but are especially ideal for barns, cattle sheds, farm and storage buildings, stables, garages, sheds and workshops etc. For over 25 years, our highly-skilled team have been passionate about manufacturing corrugated roofing sheets in Worcestershire to the needs of our customers to ensure that customers receive absolute satisfaction every time. We take pride in manufacturing roofing sheets in Worcestershire to the highest standards to ensure they require minimal maintenance from the moment you purchase and remain maintenance-free for many years.

When manufacturing your corrugated roofing sheets in Worcestershire, we use a galvanised substrate material with a primer coating to create strong and durable roofing sheets. Then, we apply a top finish of either polyester or plastisol coating. The choice is up to you. Once manufactured, we quickly deliver the sheets to you so that they can be easily fitted to your desired building.

By providing outstanding build quality and long-lasting protection, our roofing sheets have proven to be extremely popular in the construction of commercial, agricultural, industrial and domestic buildings. Depending on your needs, our corrugated roofing sheets can be fitted as a brand-new roof or can be used to clad an existing roof, if required, reducing significant labour costs. The corrugated roofing sheets in Worcestershire can also be used for side cladding buildings.

To provide further protection, our corrugated roofing sheets in Worcestershire can be layered over each other to create a double-layered insulated roofing system. Worried that the corrugated roofing sheets will damage the visual appeal of the surrounding environment? Don’t worry. Despite being a mainstay in building construction for over 25 years, corrugated roofing sheets remain just as popular today as they provide a more traditional appearance. Our corrugated roofing sheets can be customised to your requirements to ensure they seamlessly blend into the surroundings and are the only type of cladding accepted in conservation areas.

Key features

  • Constructed from high-quality steel
  • Manufactured and cut to standard stock sizes or your exact requirements (up to 10 metres in length)
  • Lightweight and robust with a traditional look
  • Hassle-free installation
  • High safety standards, including fire resistance
  • Inexpensive and substantial protection which lasts for several decades
  • Exceptionally weather-proof against severe weather conditions e.g. hailstorms, heat, snow, storms etc.


  • 3" profile, 19/1000 0.5mm Thick
  • 3" profile, 19/1000 0.7mm Thick
  • Roofing Gauge: 0.7mm
  • Cladding Gauge: 0.5mm
  • Skylights available up to 8 metres to match the 19/1000 profile
  • Available with a polyester or plastisol coating
  • Available in a galvanised finish
  • All standard colours and finishes available (see colour chart)

Want to create a complete roofing system? We also provide a range of accessories such as Tec Screws, Barge Flashings, Ridge Capping, Foam Infills, and Sealants etc. We can also supply a built-up system which consists of a 0.4mm liner panel, the mighty grid bar with clip from 60mm to 200mm (depending on desired insulation depth). Once determined, we then apply a colour and coating of your choice to the top sheet.

For more information regarding our Corrugated Roofing Sheets in Worcestershire, feel free to contact our friendly technical/sales team today via email or call us on 01922 649795.