Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Box profile roofing sheets manufactured to the highest standards. Over the last 25 years, we have gained a strong reputation for providing a high level quality service that we continue to take pride in today, putting the needs of our customers first.

Whether you require roofing sheets for large or small, local or commercial projects, Our box profile roofing sheets will be the ideal solution for you. Crafted from premium and effective steel with a polyester paint coasting, our box profile roofing sheets will seamlessly slot into your current designs and offer significant and long-lasting protection to the roof and building where they are required. On average, our box profile roofing sheets have had a lengthy lifespan of 10-15 years, which is more than most conventional box profile roofing sheets. The lightweight nature of the box profile roofing sheets foregoes the need for extensive structural support, so you can be confident of a strong and sturdy product that can survive the challenges of its environment.

In deciding upon which style of roofing sheets to use, there are a few major questions to take into consideration, regarding the level of protection that the roofing sheets can offer.

  • Firstly, can the roofing sheets effectively protect the highest levels of building from the local weather conditions, taking into account both normal and severe local weather scenarios?
  • Can the roofing sheets also protect the highest levels of the building from any local wildlife, if indeed there is a local wildlife?
  • How long are the roofing sheets likely to be able to protect the upper levels of a building before needing to be replaced or fixed because of wear and tear?

Versatility and performance Whether you need to fit a brand-new roof or repair an existing roof, our excellent box profile roofing sheets can provide your buildings with adequate protection from virtually any possible damage and any severe weather conditions.

If you want to reduce the significant time and labour costs of fitting a new roof, then patching up an existing roof with our strong roofing sheets is the solution for you. This demonstrates the versatility of box profile roofing sheets, representing a value proposition that you simply cannot refuse.

box profile roofing sheets offer a tremendous level of stability and are often the go-to choice for building developers. Box profile roofing sheets can also be walked on carefully, if you need to walk on the external roof surface. Unlike fibre cement, box profile roofing sheets do not crease or bend, allowing the box profile roofing sheets to retain their strength whilst supporting the weight of individuals walking along the roof, as well as abiding by all current safety standards legislation.

Whilst providing strength and durability, box profile roofing sheets can also add value by providing your buildings with unique visual appeal. By offering a modern alternative to corrugated roofing sheets, our box profile roofing sheets have proven to be very popular by offering contemporary style at a competitive price.


  • Available in 2 gauges (thicknesses): 0.5mm and 0.7mm
  • All box profile roofing sheets are available in the British standard 32/1000 profile
  • Consist of 6 profiles and 5 valleys for water runoff
  • Each profile is 32mm deep and at 200mm centres from the highest point to the lowest point
  • For extra support and stability, 2 additional swages are rolled into every valley on the sheet
  • All standard colours and finishes are available, so you can customise to your requirements.

Box profile roofing sheets are reliable, strong and often require very low maintenance, provided that they are not damaged or run-down by improper use. For example, applying unnecessary weight to them can lead to a much faster rate of weathering. Otherwise, mild wear and tear would only occur when exposed to frequent, severe weather conditions. In the roofing and construction industries, box profile roofing sheets are often regarded as cost-effective and long-lasting. They can offer a high level of protection to a wide variety of building types. From basic, small storage facilities to larger warehouse-style facilities, the box profile roofing sheets make a professional, effective roofing option.

Box profile roofing sheets are the economical elite in roof construction. They are reliable, easy to install and can also be used in wall cladding. The repeated shape that you can see, upon inspecting box profile roofing sheets from a side-angle view, often looks to resemble an isosceles trapezium, upon which two sides are always equal. Some other designs incorporate what is simply a trapezoidal shape, on which no sides are equal. The only difference between the isosceles trapezium roofing sheets and regular trapezium-shaped roofing sheets is simply the angle at which the rain, sleet or snow would flow down the roofing sheet.

Most often, box profile roofing sheets are the most cost-effective method of providing weather protection for a building. The most popular material that goes into roofing sheets is steel. To finish these roofing sheets, the steel can be galvanised. Steel-made box profile roofing sheets could also be finished using polyester paint, allowing for a more customizable approach when deciding upon the roofing for a building.

Box Profile Roofing Sheets - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Box Profile Roofing?

Box profile roofing is a contemporary alternative to traditional corrugated metal roofing. It has a modern look and has become increasingly popular in households and is being used more on industrial buildings.