Barge Board Flashings

Barge Board Flashings are compatible with most roofs, Barge board flashings are an excellent tool to completely cover and protect the edge of roofs and walls from the ridge to the eaves. All of our Barge board flashings can be manufactured in enduring and effective steel, polyester or plastisol to provide you with longlasting protection. In order to provide adequate protection, it is vital that Barge board flashings are carefully installed to ensure the building and the roof remains watertight and fully protected against the elements and other severe damage. Protection against the elements Once secured, Barge board flashings act as effective protection against driving winds and other severe weather conditions, preventing any damage to the roofing sheets so you can have peace of mind that your building meets all current safety standards.

Prevent water damage and avoid considerable and costly repairs with our Barge board flashings, which redirect the flow of water to prevent leaks and damage to the building and the roof. This also prevents moisture-related problems so the roof does not become weakened and damp or mould does not form. Barge board flashings prevent any gaps or holes forming around the edges of the roof to ensure that your roof lining remains dry.

For flat roofs, flashing is especially important, as it is considerably more likely for pools of water to form on the roof, as the rain cannot move. Our Barge board flashings can help to provide significant defence against leaks and can help to defend roofs against storm damage as strong winds can force rain under tiles or through gaps, making the structure weaker and more susceptible to damage. Aesthetic appeal As well as providing closure between the roofing sheets and walls, Barge board flashings also provide visual appeal by applying a professional and orderly finish to any building. To cater fully to your needs, all of our Barge board flashings are specifically manufactured to your unique requirements by our experienced in-house fabrication department. Finish your project off perfectly with a wide choice of colours to choose from so the Barge board flashings can blend into the surrounding environment and create a visually appealing appearance.

Key features

  • Manufactured to meet your requirements and all current safety standards
  • Large selection of flashings to suit your unique requirements in a range of colours and sizes
  • Prevents water leakage, mould and damp
  • Reliable protection against severe weather conditions, preventing significant damage
  • Especially effective against high winds, preventing significant damage
  • Avoids expensive repair costs
  • Welted edges are available upon request

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