Metal Roofing Sheets in Brighton

Metal roofing sheets in Brighton - durable, robust and safe protection. We provide 0.7mm thickness if you are using them on the roof of your buildings. However, we also supply metal roofing sheets with 0.5mm thickness if you wish to use metal roofing sheets with a slimmer profile on the walls of your buildings to provide your walls with robust protection. If you desire to have metal roofing sheets which have stronger and thicker properties, you can also use our standard 0.7mm metal roofing sheets on the exterior walls of buildings.

Choose the perfect roofing sheets for you

We offer metal roofing sheets in Brighton in all standard RAL colours, so you can choose the perfect colour for your unique requirements. However, if you require your sheet metal roofing sheets in a colour that we do not stock as standard, don’t worry as you can request for your sheets to be manufactured in the colour you desire. Sheet metal roofing is perfect for use in Agricultural buildings such as Barns and Cattle Sheds, as well as Garages and Stables, amongst many other possible applications.

Quick, easy and worry-free installation and maintenance We supply metal roofing sheets in Brighton as single length sheets to prevent water leakage, easing the installation process and any future repairs that you may need to carry out. We can also supply metal roofing sheets as longer sheets if this is more appropriate for your needs. However, please note that you will require larger vehicles to transport them so please consider whether the deliverers will be able to have access to the site and whether you have you the appropriate equipment to handle long sheets safely on your site. Looking for corrugated roof sheets in Brighton? We supply them with a conventional 13/3 profile to fit your requirements.

Metal roofing sheets in Brighton are fully resistant to fire, mould, insects, and rot, ensuring that your metal roofing sheets provide safe and enduring protection. If properly installed, a metal roof should easy last for most of the house’s life, preventing water leaks and surviving severe weather conditions. Metal roofing sheets are fully watertight against rain and snow to prevent leaks and damage. If you have darker metal roofing sheets, these can quickly heat up in the snow and melt the snow on roofs on particularly cold and snowy wintry days. Metal roofing sheets are particularly lightweight, with a much lower weight than traditional tiled roofing sheets.

Key features

At Mighty Structural Products, we believe that a roof has greater value than just being the top of a finished building and so require absolute protection. We provide roofing sheets in a range of colours, finishes, shapes and sizes to suit you.

Metal roofing sheets in Brighton offer many benefits:

  • Withstand all weather conditions, including wind and hail and severe storms
  • Drain water (e.g. rainfall) into nearby gutters and downspouts
  • Retain heated and cooled air inside the structure
  • Support rooftop infrastructure (e.g. air conditioning machinery, air vents)

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