GRP Skylight Sheets in Angus

GRP Skylight Sheets in Angus provide effective daylighting without creating hot spots or excessive glare, so you can experience an increase in natural daylight without unsightly glare. Provide natural daylight into virtually any building with our low-cost and highly-effective GRP Skylight Sheets in Angus. By bringing natural daylight into your building, you can create a much better living or working environment, which can reduce the expensive electricity costs of lighting a dark space.

The GRP Skylight Sheets in Angus provide allow 92% light transmission through the sheets and can be used to cover the whole roof or can be used in conjunction with our steel roofing sheets.

Worried about strength and durability? There’s no need to worry as GRP Skylight Sheets in Angus provide excellent impact-resistance without adding significant weight to maintain a lightweight and visuallyappealing look and feel. This ensures that the GRP Skylight Sheets are easy to move, install and maintain so you can receive excellent light quality with minimal hassle.

To ensure strength and durability, our GRP Skylight Sheets in Angus have a robust UV-resistant polyester film to extend the durability and life of the skylight sheet. This ensures that you receive significant returns on your initial investment in GRP Skylight Sheets. This effective film also limits the potential yellowing of the skylight sheet over time, so your skylight sheets continue to look great whilst illuminating your interior space.

By purchasing our GRP Skylight Sheets in Angus, you are making a significant investment that will quickly see results for a considerable period of time as sheet life can be in excess of 30 years, representing tremendous value for money. However, it is important to note that this will depend on the surrounding environment that the skylight sheets are exposed to, as well as the level of maintenance throughout the life of the product. Minimal maintenance is required thanks to the high-quality and tough solution used to construct the skylight sheets, ensuring that any repairs can be easily carried out by the owner of the property with minimal stress and strain.


  • Designed to match the 32/1000 box profile sheets
  • Available here in stock lengths of up to 6 meters
  • We personally recommend 20% skylights to provide sufficient natural light
  • Premium Grade A GRP material, made to Class 3
  • Low weight of 2.44kg per square metre, which is especially ideal for all agricultural purposes as well as industrial and domestic buildings

Key features

  • We can manufacture GRP fibreglass skylight sheets in Angus in a broad range of colours to ensure that there is something to suit your needs
  • Available in many different profiles to suit any roofing profile
  • Long term investment which quickly delivers significant returns in daylight
  • Increase in daylight from skylight sheets can reduce expensive electricity costs

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