Anti-condensation Roofing Sheets in Wrexham

Anti-condensation Roofing Sheets in Wrexham are a product we offer here at Mighty Structural. Condensation is a major and prevalent issue afflicting most buildings and roofing systems, particularly during the winter months. Condensation involves the formation of water vapour, which then cools and condenses to form water droplets, which can form on steel roofing sheets, negatively affecting their durability and robustness.

Leading causes of condensation include a lower outdoor temperature than the indoor temperature, as well as an increase or decrease in humidity. Condensation is even more likely if roofing sheets are being used in agricultural buildings, which may be used for keeping livestock or breeding. This is due to the extra humidity that is created by the animals, which can result in the formation of condensation.

Do you want to prevent condensation? We have the solution! Eliminate your condensation concerns with our highly-effective Anti-condensation Roofing Sheets in Wrexham can provide excellent protection against condensation at a significantly low cost, in conjunction with appropriate ventilation. We take enormous pride in providing excellent quality Anti-condensation Roofing Sheets for great prices, so no matter the size or complexity of your building project you can be confident that we will keep costs low without sacrificing the high-quality protection that our customers expect and deserve.

High quality. Low cost.

We use a layered synthetic non-woven fibre, which contains a specific chemical binder. This chemical binder provides highly-effective absorption properties for humidity. This anti-condensation fibre in Wrexham is capable of absorbing over 900 grams of condensation per sq/m until the temperature rises, and moisture dissipates naturally. Once moisture dissipates, the fibre fleece will dry out and repeat the anti-condensation process if necessary.

Before rolling out sheets, we apply anti-condensation fibres to the underside of our roofing sheets in Wrexham to prevent the formation of condensation on roofing sheets. Eventually, this can result in the formation of water, which can lead to serious leaks that caused damage to the contents of the building below. The anti-condensation backing absorbs any water droplets that may form, retaining them until a temperature increase when the moisture will dissipate naturally. All standard colours and finishes are available, so you can pick roofing sheets that fit your requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: the anti-condensation coating is NOT available on plain galvanised sheeting in Wrexham, it is only available on polyester coated or PVC plastisol coated sheets.

Key features of our Anti-condensation Roofing Sheets Delivered To You in Wrexham

  • Regulates the formation of condensation
  • Absorbs any water droplets that may form
  • Retains droplets until the surrounding temperature rises and moisture dissipates naturally
  • Sound absorption to reduce rainfall and interior noise
  • Effective condensation protection for virtually any use case
  • Prevents damage to stored materials/goods from falling water
  • Noise reduction from weather conditions (e.g. rain) and interior noise

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